Tibur Vutha

(Happenings 2)

The travelers left Wroat to take the ferry to Galethspyre. The town was known for it’s trade in dye’s, particularly a color known as Galethspyre Blue. The had drapes, curtains, dresses, clothing, everything in was in blue.

After wondering their way through Galethspyre and out of the town and to the west. They past Ardev. Marcus follwed his nose to a dank fishy smell and ran into a black lake. The lake reflected no light and Mel and Astrid spotted a white/grey fish moving underneath the water.
The fish attacked them and they killed it easily. Mordrog ate it and developed translucent, tacky, skin and began to feel weak. After collecting the body, the made their way to the cleric to get Mordrog cured and discovered the fish had been plaguing the town for weeks, causing the people of Ardev to give up fish trade. It had also been killing anyone who could get close enough to the water. Astrid had taken a tooth as a trophy from the fish and had taken it to a blacksmith to make it into a necklace. He had done it free of charge for them killing the fish that had taken his daughter’s life.

After finding out that the fish had a bounty on his fish head, they returned to speak to the lead cleric at the church. They discovered that another cleric had gone missing. Upon searching his room, they found a dagger like the one used on Mel the Magnificent. They resolved to find the missing cleric and followed the brimstone smell out of town and towards Greywall.

On the way to greywall, they were attacked by gargoyles. They dispatched of them quickly, with only minor damage to the wagon train and continued their journey.


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