Tibur Vutha

Happenings 2nd session.

They climbed the stairs leading to the dark walls of Graywall and met two ogre guards each standing 7ft tall. The guards allowed them to pass asking only what their business was. Mordrog replied “fish”. The guards looked at one another and opened the gates, having no idea what to say and no reason not to let them in.

They met a dragonne just inside the walls and he stopped and asked them their business and told them it was a town full of monsters so to be careful. They exchanged words and the dragonne told them of a cleric he had seen recently with two ogres fitting the description of Derek. The travelers what he knew of the ogres and he said he only knew that they owned a tavern in town.

The party decided to go bar hopping and stopped at the first bar they came to. “The Drunken Hag”
There was few people in the bar, including an orc dressed in a brown cloak with golden designs, a drunken goblin, and some skeletons eating french fries.

In the next bar they stopped at, “Two Brothers Brews”, they discovered Derek behind the counter looking dirty, starved, and all around miserable. The bar was packed and there were multiple people drinking, eating and chatting. In one corner sat three beautiful women drinking frilly drinks, in another a tall, dark, handsome gentleman drinking a blood red substance. In the opposite corner were 2 men and a woman chatting quietly and drinking ale. In the other corner, there was a man in a black cloak, covered from head to toe, drinking water. In the middle of the bar were three zombies, chowing down on brains. Behind the counter, was Derek and the two ogres.

Astrid approached the bar and said she was in heat, proceeding to hit on the ogres. They asked her to leave and then threatened her. Redin’k spoke to Derek while the ogres were distracted, asking him what had happened and why he was here.

He explained that he had come to Graywall after hearing of one of the nine Daelkyr being here and planning something. He had yet to complete any of his research and had been captured by the two Ogres who saw him as a slave.

They went outside the bar to plan on how to rescue the poor cleric but no one could decide what to do so Mordrog knocked down the door and strolled in. “EVERYBODY OUT!” He shouted.
The zombies shambled out and the man in the black cloak left but everyone else stayed. “NOW” The man in the corner stood, putting down his drink and approaching Mordrog, attempting to calm him. But before he could do anything, Mordrog struck at him with his chain, injuring him badly. The man limped back to his chair, drinking his drink. The three women in the corner stood and began to cast spells simultaneously. Mordrog dropped to his knees, feeling his strength being zapped.

GIVE ME THE CLERIC” He screamed. The ogres took a step back. “Fine. He’s yours.”

Mordrog picks up Derek and takes him out of the bar.

“Thank you for saving me!” He says, slightly terrified of this nine-foot tall creature who saved him. “I appreciate it. I was staying at the inn. I left some stuff there. I’d like to return there and take a bath.”



“No… if you want a bath, make some water, fill some barrels, and bathe behind the cart.”

“That seems…rather awful. Can’t we return to the inn? It’s only a stone’s throw away from here..”

“No. You either stay with us, or stay here. If you stay with us, you get to sleep in the fish cart.”

Derek looks at them wide-eyed, unbelieving he was just saved to be treated this way.
“I’ll stay here… I’ll head back to the inn if you change your mind. I needed some help with my research…”

“Nope. Let’s go west.”

Derek leaves them and goes to the inn, returning to give them a letter to give to clarence with his seal on it.

The party then leaves to go West towards the Shadow Marches, proceeding to get mercilessly attacked by Harpies because the DM was angry.


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