Ardev is a small town known for it’s exports in fish. It is surrounded by quite a few small lakes and has been very successful up until recently. The town looks rather worn down and empty. The dirt roads are hardly bustling with life like they used to be.

The town’s main source of fish has been plagued by a toxic Aboleth, causing it’s fish to die and the water to become toxic. The town has had to import what water their clerics can’t cleanse causing their economy to suffer drastically.

This town has a blacksmith, a bookshop, a small church dedicated to the Silver Flame, a general goods store, and other main shops.

Various people have gone missing but this is thought to be because of the Aboleth. Anyone who has ventured near the lake recently has either returned poisoned or hasn’t returned at all. The only person of stature that has appeared missing is a cleric named David. A small crystal dagger was found underneath his bed, the same kind of dagger used to slay Mel the Magnificent.


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