Derek Driscol

Derek is a cleric that has been working at the Church of the Silver Flame for the past five years. He was best friends with a man named Clarence McCabe and had been working to help make minor repairs on the church and help with small projects around town, such as putting on small shows and and helping the poor. He never seemed to do any cleric work though, such as healing or cleansing.

On his off time, he had been researching the Daelkyr and figuring out what had caused the various deaths and disappearances around Wroat. He had heard through various channels that there was something happening in Graywall that pertained to all of the attacks.

Upon reaching Graywall he discovered that one of the nine had been stirring up trouble across Khorvaire. He had also discovered that the deaths were meant to be sacrifices and that they were part of a formula used to break down the Silver Flame.

While headed back to the inn, he was caught by two Ogres. Not having the strength to defend himself after just being attacked, he was taken into captivity. The Ogres thought it would be helpful to have a human pet/slave working for them.
Derek had been in the “care” of the Ogres for about a week and had been planning an escape when the party showed up. They rescued him. He thought they would help him continue his research, figure out who the cultists were working for, and help him find out exactly what the Dragon Shards turned daggers were used for but they refused, saying they would only take him back to Clarence or leave him. He opted to stay and continue his research, knowing that the demise of the Silver Flame would mean a third world war on Eberron.

The party discovered that Derek was a rogue working for the Arcane Order and feeding them what he could find out about the Silver Flame. After seeing some of the attacks take place in Wroat, he was sent to Graywall to see what he could find.

Derek Driscol

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