Silver Flame

The Silver Flame is the cage that houses the evil beings from the First War. It was created when the coultr sacrificed their own souls to trap the evil deities inside.

The formula used to create the Silver Flame is unknown, as is what it is truly made of. It is only known that the souls of the coultr and of Tira Miron rest inside, keeping watch on the demons that rest within. Tira’s soul joined the rest when a demon lord escaped the flame and she plunged her sword through it and the flame to drive it back. In doing so, she sacrificed herself and thus became a conduit, a voice that the rest of Eberron could hear.

The flame is kept in Thrane, or rather, Thrane was built around it, and it is guarded by a young cleric named Jaela Daran.

• The Church of the Silver Flame operates under a strict hierarchy. The Church expects the faithful to trust the wisdom of those who stand above them, since those higher in the hierarchy stand closer to the Flame. Thus, most templars act without questioning their orders: If a cardinal authorizes an action, it must be in the best interests of the world. This is especially true of the puritans.

• The ultimate goal of the Church is to cleanse Eberron itself. For many members of the Church, this noble goal justifies any means required to reach it. This manner of thinking serves as one of the sources of evil-aligned priests within Thrane. Such a priest may be good in almost all ways, but she has a willingness to employ evil tools — such as torture — when necessary to achieve a goal that furthers the Church’s cause.

• When the Church targets a problem, it seeks to completely eliminate it. The templars act with ruthless efficiency. In the case of lycanthropy, any lycanthrope can afflict a victim with a curse that alters behavior and alignment, and this makes the victim a threat to others and a new carrier for the curse. In 832 YK, the Keeper of the Flame declared that lycanthropy afflicted the soul as well as the body, since it could turn the noblest soul to a tool of darkness. Even those lycanthropic strains that were not inherently evil still force a change of behavior on the subject, and were thus suspect; the Keeper declared that these still imperiled the soul. If a single lycanthrope remained alive, it could pass the curse to others, and they could pass the curse to others, and within a generation the problem could arise anew. Thus all lycanthropes — even those seemingly innocent and young — must be destroyed.

A handful of paladins found alternatives. Some helped werebears escape to Lamannia, while others sought to cure the afflicted. Unfortunately, the process of breaking the curse is long and involved, and the Keeper of the Flame said that once the curse was set (via changing alignment), nothing could save the victim’s soul. And so the templars relied on their silvered swords, cutting out the cancer and praying for forgiveness when innocents fell at their hands. The Church is fighting a war, and it intends to win. Casualties are certain. Sacrifices must be made, and allies may fall to friendly fire. But the Church will always act swiftly, decisively, and in a manner that serves the greater good — at least, as the cardinals see it. The idea that good people can do evil and that evil people can serve the cause of good is a central theme of Eberron. The Church of the Silver Flame embraces this paradox. It has a noble cause. The majority of its followers champion the ways of the light. And yet, with the best of intentions, they can become your enemies — or you may be asked to do questionable things in the service of the Church."

Silver Flame

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