Redin'k Rasir


Appearance: Standing gauntly at 126 cm (6’ 1”) and weighing 82 kg (180 lb.), Rasir has rough yellow skin, which is speckled with black marks. On his back he has a burn mark, as if he were branded, in the shape of a crescent moon with a star in the middle of the tips of the crescent. His fiery red hair is always pulled back into a single topknot, when it is not in this topknot it extends down to the middle of his back. His eyes always carry a silver gleam with no pupils in them, as if he were blind.

Fashion Sense/style: Primarily likes to wear robes with intricate patterns and very fine details. Always wear a necklace that carries a chaos star pendant (not magical).

Personality: When compared to other Gethyanki, Riden’k is more understanding and polite to denizens of the material world, although, he is still rather arrogant and doesn’t like a majority of the inhabitants of this plane. He is not afraid to insult someone of low intelligence, nor is he afraid to prove that he is better than them, even if it were to come to a fight in the middle of a town square, he even has a habit of provoking a fight just for fun or to show off his power.


Riden’k was born in Tu’narath on the Astral Plane, when he was a child there was a raid coordinated by the mind flayers on the area where he lived. They managed to take control of some githzerai and have them do the dirty work of the assault on the area while they followed the “soldiers” through the destruction of the town. His parents managed to open a rift for them to escape through, but as he entered he got hit by a mind blast; his parents managed to close it just in time for him to see the door break in with a mind flayer standing in it. When he came out of the rift, he found himself in the material world outside a small village. He was taken in by a family in the village that he appeared near. When he was older he began to study vigorously so he could exact revenge upon the mind flayers that destroyed his home and killed his family.

After a few years of study, he was practicing some spells one day and one ended up back firing and blew up a house in the village, killing a family and starting a devastating fire. The fire rushed through the entire village quickly, destroying multiple houses and killing more people. When the guards of the town came to confront him, he tried explaining that it was a huge mistake and offered his assistance in rebuilding the town. They attacked him without hesitation and he ended up killing every guard that came to arrest him. He couldn’t put the family that took him under their roof in anymore danger, so he immediately left the town.

He ventured for days until he came across a village where he saw a group of psions practicing in a court yard of a complex. He went to talk to one of the masters and found it to be a village for all psionic users to study and practice; so he became a student under the master to learn more about these abilities.

One day he was practicing and one of the other students started making remarks about his spells, the other student was a simple warrior who was barely able to grasp the simplest of concepts that the masters were teaching. Riden’k quickly got irritated at this due to the ignorance of the person, since he couldn’t use simple moves. He started calling the other student out on these remarks, telling him that if he could do better, he should prove it in a sparring match. The other student started backing down, but Riden’k kept provoking for a fight, he finally agreed to a match. Riden’k instantly started to activate abilities and toy with him as the other student attempted to cast spells, within a few seconds he had dropped the student to his knees, begging for mercy.

The next day, the head master had found about the match and confronted Riden’k. He did not deny anything that had happened, the head master then mentioned that sparring was not allowed outside of the sparring grounds or without a mediator. Riden’k refused to apologize for his actions and was exiled from the village for breaking such a rule.

Riden’k gathered supplies and a few books to continue his studies, and then promptly left the village to begin what he saw as an adventure to gain more power to seek out his vengeance on the mind flayers.

Redin'k Rasir

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